Picchi spa


Since 1946, a long history of love and passion for textiles, fashion and the city of Prato. The mill has expanded and it is now at the third generation.
More than 70 years of challenges, enthusiasm and commitment, a continuous bet in the future without ever forgetting the past that made great this brand.

Filippo Picchi


The skill, the love for Made in Italy, the inspiration of the Tuscan Renaissance translated into millions of meters of fabric designed, produced and shipped all over the world.

Francesco Picchi


francesco picchi

piero picchi

There is no other salt in the world as old as the cleverness of people from Prato, there is nothing more Euclidean than their way of measuring the world by arm lenghts just as they do with their fabrics. </ Em> </ blockquote>

Piero Picchi

General Manager