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BE ECO with us by PICCHI

The brand Be Eco by Picchi®, has been created  in year 2017  to mark a  range of products with  precise sostainable characteristics.
The Be Eco  fabrics  cover 3  fondamental  requirments:
1) Sustainable fibers: Trasformation   of waistage  to become an industrial resource Using Recycled Fibers.
The Fabrics are  made using at least   50% of Recycled Fibers.
Recycled Fibers  are of 2 types:
Postconsumer (regenerated ) : used garments and rags  arrive directly from consumers   to specific centers that collect used garments, they are then  divided into  categories according to the predominated fiber and  color, after the garments and rags  get ripped    and reconverted into coloured mechanical fibers, avoiding  chemical substances   eitherwise used through normal dyeing procedures for virgin fibers.
Preconsumer (recycled):  waistage  originated by the industrial textile production process reconverted into fibers. The Textile Industry   has  quite an elevated quantity of Industrial  waistage (spinning  waistage, weaving waistage, finishing waistage).
2) Sustainabile production process: The production circle of these fabrics is ecologically friendly to the environment with particular attention to:
minor  usage of water sources , thanks to the use of special machinary and tecnology  that have reduced   50% of the consumption of water . – depuration and recycling of  water used  during the production:  the  water used for our production circle are entirely  recuperated  (no water waistage)  and depurated   through specific deposits in collaboration with the Industrial  City  Hydro Organisation; once these are depurated they renter in the Industrial Hydro circuit   to be reused again. –
Only Ecofriendly Chemicals  All Fabrics  are in conformity  of  the Reach European Regulation  (Registration Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction  of Chemicals, Regulation  CE n.1907/2006  of the European Parlament and  Council, effective  1st of June 2007).
Reduction of  Energy sources. 
Reduction of CO2 emissions.
3) Made in Italy: These Fabrics are  entirely produced in Italy  using the highly professional skills of workmenship as well as the best production technology.
Be Eco by Picchi is monitored by: Global Recycled  Standard ( GRS )  accreditation that certifies the  traceability of the recycled fibers  and Oekotex accreditation that  certifies  the sostenability of the internal production  process.